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  • The Hominid - Hand Painted Shoes

    The Hominid

    Hominid – n. a primate of the Hominidae family that includes humans and their fossil ancestors. This definition is seen through the partial fragments of an early ancestor's skull painted on this pair of unique slip on shoes. The design appeals to both the casual bystander and the most devoted student of anthropology. Neutral but dramatic, The Hominid hand painted shoes will make a stark statement for the sleek Homosapien.

  • The Imperial City - Hand Painted Shoes

    The Imperial City

    These kicks need no translation, but it's easy to get lost in their maze of vibrant colors and bold patterns. Much like the ancient labyrinth of shrines and gardens in the Imperial City, these kicks radiate the mystery and intrigue of a forbidden temple. This hand painted design easily belongs on the bustling streets of Beijing or Beverly Hills and quickly communicates your own international ways.

  • The Victorious King

    The Victorious King

    Words will not due the design justice. Zoom in to see this startling and original pair of hand painted shoes. The scene is easily understood: As spades dart across the background two kings hold court. But there is only enough room for one Victorious King and in the foreground the slight violence of the victorious scene is counterbalanced only by the elegance of the deep red roses.

  • The Longhorn - Hand Painted Shoes

    The Longhorn

    The best alternative to your spurs is to slip on this original, hand-painted design. Your Kicks elevates the classic Longhorn imagery from cowpoke and tumbleweed to modern and stylish. The metallic sheen and perfectly executed cross shoe design is simultaneously dangerous and inviting. Wear these shoes and you'll command the crowd as you ride off into the sunset.

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  • The Camoflage - Hand Painted Shoes

    The Camouflage

    Combining the always fashionable camo with the casual slip on shoes, these kicks will make your feet anything but invisible. This design’s disruptive color pattern and details add a combative edge to what could be a civilized shoe. With deftly painted barbed wire stretching across your kicks, this shoe won’t conceal your sharp sense of style.

  • Accentuated Alligators

    Accentuated Alligators

    These kicks are an ideal illustration of the conflict between the proper and the untamed. Although the shoes are filled primarily with the pattern of crowns in the background and the ornate chandelier hanging at the top, one's eyes will be drawn to the "elephant in the room", which is in this case, a pink alligator. These kicks are for a respectable lady with a wild side that cannot be ignored.

  • Forbidden Seas

    Forbidden Seas

    Perfect for any seafaring mate or lass, these KICKS bring some vibrancy to the experience of traveling the open water. But one could be miles from any wave or tide and still appreciate these KICKS, as their dynamic colors will hook the glare of anyone who sees you wearing them, as if they were a fish on your line.

  • Haute Couture

    Haute Couture

    For the woman who values style above all, these KICKS must be added to your wardrobe. The gleaming red armor shows that if one's fashion sense is strong, it will be impenetrable. And juxtaposed with the chirping birds to add to the aesthetic, the pattern on this pair was carefully laid out with an eye on high fashion.

  • Koi Fish

    Koi Fish

    Back by popular demand, the Koi fish kicks have been retooled with a killer new design. One cannot help but notice the determination of this exotic ocean dweller as it propels its nimble body through the water. The colors are fragmented and multifaceted, as this fish's journey could be across vast waters or across the pond at the park. Pick up this pair and begin your own voyage.

  • Los Angeles Stars

    Los Angeles Stars

    Life moves fast in the City of Angels, but these fresh KICKS are going to move even faster, so pick them up while you have the chance. If you want to have the coolest shoes in the room, these KICKS will do the trick, leaving onlookers with stars in their eyes.

  • Queen B

    Queen B

    If you salivate at the sign of couture, then these KICKS are not for you. But if you're the kind of chick who has a personal style to be reckoned with, then you have to pick up this pair. Heads will turn every time you turn the corner, because you will be the envy of all those wannabes who just follow the crowd.


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