Awesome New Custom Shoes Designed By Marcus Johnson

Recently, Your Kicks decided to pass out a few pair of shoes to legit artists from the southern California area.  One of those amazing artists was Marcus Johnson of San Diego, CA.  Marcus was given full artistic freedom and was asked to create a pair of kicks that are unique.

Check out the pictures below for a pic of what he created.  If you would like a pair of custom sneakers by Marcus, please view our custom shoe page.  Don’t forget to check out our other painted shoes that are currently sold exclusively through!!

Custom Painted Sneakers

Hand Painted Shoes By Marcus Johnson

Vietnamese Singer Kevin Khoa Wears Hand Painted Shoes While on Vacation

Famous Vietnamese Singer Wears Your Kicks While on Music Tour Across Southeast Asia!

Kevin Khoa Wears Your Kicks Custom Slip on shoes

Kevin Sporting Sink or Swim Painted Slip ons While Riding a Tuk-Tuk

Your Kicks is popular around the world! Even popular Vietnamese-American pop rock singer, Kevin Khoa can’t get enough!

Kevin Khoa, a Vietnamese-American pop rock singer, recently picked up a pair of Your Kick’s hand painted shoes. These slip-ons looked great on him as he matched them with his white pants, a sweater, and a long jacket. Kevin Khoa definitely hit the casual but artsy look that our one-of-a-kind shoes provide.

Kevin Khoa rocked the Sink or Swim pair during the day, and the Forbidden Seas pair out at night.


Kevin Khoa Wears Your Kicks Hand-Painted Vans

Kevin Khoa Wears Your Kicks Hand Painted Shoes

The Forbidden Seas pair that Kevin Khoa owns is on sale this month for $139.99! Your Kicks enjoys Kevin Khoa’s music as well as his fabulous fashion taste! Look out for our new line coming out in September Kevin, we are sure you’ll love those just as much.  

Both pairs of shoes are on sale this month and can be purchased by Clicking Here!

Are you a celebrity or a representative of a celebrity and would like your own pair of hand painted shoes?  Please contact us via our Contact Us page and provide all the necessary details like shoe size and style.  Thanks! Launches Sneak Peak into New Your Kicks Designs!

Our Friends At Received the Exclusive Right to Launch a Sneak Peak Preview into the Your Kicks Designs!

Your Kicks wanted to show love to our buddies over at by granting them the exclusive right to launch our new fall line of shoes.  As I am sure many of you are already aware, these designs will be sold exclusively through

Click here to view the post about our recent hand painted shoe designs.

Keep checking back for more as we will be launching new designs each week!

Your Kicks Hand Painted Slip ons now sold at!

We are finally launched in stores and online at!  Click on the image below to see a selection of the designs they currently carry.

Custom Painted Slip on Shoes at
Just click on the link below:

Buy @ Neiman

Best Way to Clean Painted Shoes

Hey everyone!

A common question I have been asked is, “how do I clean my shoes”.

First off, I think it is so great that people are invested in maintaining the quality of the shoes.

Second, you would be surprised how easy it is!

Use a toothbrush with warm soaping water on the design (canvas area).  Stay away from bleach products!

And use the old rag + rubbing alcohol technique on the rubber part.  Then let them air dry.

I would say that is pretty easy:)

Keep posted! More shoes releasing in the next couple of weeks!  Another one tomorrow!

Check out our boy @JasonWahler at a shoot in Downtown LA last week sportin’ Neiman Marcus’ exclusive Your Kicks in ‘The Hominid’


Jason Wahler Sporting Your Kicks!

Photo Credit: Peter Hurley

Featured Pair: The Imperial City

Another Bright Design From Your Kicks Design Team.

Our featured pair for this blog entry is titled The Imperial City.  There are so many details on this pair that it will take you awhile before you can gather them all.  Not only are there multiple cultures and languages represented in this design, but the colors are also very eclectic.  

 The Imperial City - Hand Painted Shoes by Your Kicks

The Imperial City: Available Sept 2011

This pair of vibrant kicks can be purchased by Clicking Here!


Shoe Description: Combining the always fashionable camo with the casual slip on shoes, these kicks will make your feet anything but invisible.  This design’s disruptive color pattern and details add a combative edge to what could be a civilized shoe. With deftly painted barbed wire stretching across your kicks, this shoe won’t conceal your sharp sense of style.




One launched and four to go! Keep posted! Another style revealed tomorrow!


Neiman Marcus Hand Painted Shoes

Featured Pair: The Hominid

Macabre Design Makes It to the Top of Featured Pair List!

Earlier today we launched our first of five new designs that will be sold exclusively through  Each week we will launch two or three more designs culminating with the final launch in early September.

This design not only has a macabre feel to it, it also carries historical undertones. This design was inspired by a recent cover of National Geographic which covered the evolution of humans.  The article stated that new bones of an ancient Hominid had been discovered in sub sahara Africa.  It was a rare find because it helped establish another link between our great ancestors and ourselves.  Be sure to grab a pair of The Hominid before it goes extinct!

The Hominid - Exclusively at and

The Hominid: Available Sept 2011

To Purchase these macabre kicks Please Click Here!

Design Description: Hominid – n. a primate of the Hominidae family that includes humans and their fossil ancestors.  This definition is seen through the partial fragments of an early ancestor’s skull painted on this pair of unique slip on shoes.  The design appeals to both the casual bystander and the most devoted student of anthropology.  Neutral but dramatic, The Hominid hand painted shoes will make a stark statement for the sleek Homosapien.


Apply to be a Your Kicks Artist Today!

We have a new season approaching! 

If you have what it takes to becomes a Your Kicks artist then we encourage you to apply today!

Your Kicks is in search for an artist with an unique style. It takes an eye for both artwork and fashion to create fresh kicks. We encourage all applicants to submit their best work.

Your Kicks uses a multitude of factors when assessing applicants. We want candidates who are great with oil on canvas and can design original artwork. We especially encourage artists who can mimic the style of the neoclassical art movement to apply!

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and visit our Facebook to see more info on upcoming artist competitions for upcoming seasons!

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